Friday, February 10, 2012

RDAvsDeadPool, a short story.

I wrote a short story to go with these pictures

Red9 Studios Presents "DEAD POOLS, Trip to the waste Land"!

I was being shot at, Again! After breaking and entering into a high security weapons lab to get this really big gun! (totally dead pool Style). They had the nerve to shoot me! Ok ok I guess I did kill twenty or thirty of there guards but still this is totally uncalled for.So I duck into the nearest room ( im not Scared, but even I Don't enjoy being shot!). Running low on bullets I saw a door Marky-marked "THE Tranz-universe-trotter". So being the adventurous, devil may care merc I am, I jumped right in. So Now im staring down the gun of some "Military sounding" RDA Bro-bot, who is informing me that "YOU ARE AN UNAUTHORIZED WASTELAND BEING" ( when am I ever authorized?). And now I'm being shot at,again!


This is a new figure in my RDA series.
                                                              -THE HEAVY GUNNER -

 -{a heavy artillery sweeper trooper, sent in in fewer numbers but with more fire power, they are the back up for the infantry bots. there is one heavy bot in every squad.}