Friday, February 10, 2012

RDAvsDeadPool, a short story.

I wrote a short story to go with these pictures

Red9 Studios Presents "DEAD POOLS, Trip to the waste Land"!

I was being shot at, Again! After breaking and entering into a high security weapons lab to get this really big gun! (totally dead pool Style). They had the nerve to shoot me! Ok ok I guess I did kill twenty or thirty of there guards but still this is totally uncalled for.So I duck into the nearest room ( im not Scared, but even I Don't enjoy being shot!). Running low on bullets I saw a door Marky-marked "THE Tranz-universe-trotter". So being the adventurous, devil may care merc I am, I jumped right in. So Now im staring down the gun of some "Military sounding" RDA Bro-bot, who is informing me that "YOU ARE AN UNAUTHORIZED WASTELAND BEING" ( when am I ever authorized?). And now I'm being shot at,again!

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