Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just went to comic con

Just got back from comic con.....yay. It was kind of a bust, I made a new line of sculptures to sell but didn't think to rent my own booth and just depended on the kindness of others........didn't work out too well, I didn't sell anything but hopefully I will soon. The owner of elite comics told me he would carry what I had left after comic con sooooo........everything is what I have left, 12 figures in all. You can see them by going to my Facebook page and looking at the sculpted busts album. All rhinos are available to order in any color. WOW!

My brand new blog

This is my brand new blog, so far I have only been on face book so trying something new. Here is a link to my face book so you can see pictures of my work, in till I put some on the blog